Monday, 1 November 2010

About Time...

It really is about time we put something up here, so to kick things off, i've selected some sick little productions i've came across recently.

Sgt. Slaughter by Megamegaman

First off, Megamegaman. A personal friend of the Subfriction crew. Where to start with this lad, i just dont know. Whether he's bleeping and blipping his way about an uplifting gameboy riddim, or just tearing the roof off with some rotten electro-chest-punishing synths, he's always garuanteed to deliver perfection on every track with ease. In this case he's went for a more traditional electro feel, but still with his own original twist on it as always. Check it out and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the official music video, coming soon.

Digital Farm Animalz- Home by Digital Farm Animals

Now onto something a little more atmospheric. This is from a producer called Nicky Gale (Digital Farm Animals). I came across this awhile ago through the magic of StumbleUpon, and haven't stopped listening to it since. The first time i seen it on youtube it was just the preview, now Nicky is kindly giving away the full version on his soundcloud for free! So get a copy if your feeling it. The harmony of the pads, vocal sample and synths are second to none.


This is from a bristol lad called Frankie Mercer (aka TWISTED EDGE). If your a fan of the heavier side of Dubstep, then definetly check him out. This track "Talkin' Shit" takes the piss, talk about switching shit up man. The intro and drop work really well for being so different, it confuses and excites me haha.

Bed Intruder Song (Wick-it Dubstep Remix) by wick-it

There are no words to explain how i felt when i first heard this. I knew there had to be a remix somewhere, then i came across this without even looking and it's a belter! AND FREE! Just give it a go haha.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Will be moved to here in the form of direct download links, when i actually get off my arse and sort it out really, so you can have your hands on exclusive mixes by Shankz, Twisted Edge, Re-Phaze & Graeme Spurr. Also coming, one by myself (Again 'cause the first one was lame) and a few other fresh faced trouble-makers. Hold tight.